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Café Sueños© – dream coffee

Everything starts with a dream… The oldest Café Sueños coffee plants were cultivated on the dream of a better life for the Canales family, who settled in the mountains of northern Nicaragua about 100 years ago. The first coffee plants were of the variety Típica.

These first coffee trees constitute the key ingredient in Café Sueños and contribute to giving the coffee its special character. Today, Café Sueños is cultivated at Finca Seguir Soñando by the Velásquez Acuña family, entirely without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The coffee trees grow in the shade of cedars and orchids, on a westward facing slope at 1100-1200 metres above sea level at the foot of Eagle Cliff, down towards the Coyol river in the protected landscape of Miraflor.
Today, it is the dream of a life without poverty, a refuge for rare birds and orchids, and a fair payment to the third-world farmers which is the driving force behind Café Sueños.
Café Sueños is an Arabica coffee based on Típica and Borbón, with a touch of Maragojipe and Caturra. The coffee’s high quality is created through the interaction between a rich soil and a shade forest rich in biodiversity, with high trees, vines and orchids and many indigenous and migrating birds and butterflies, together with environmentally sound cultivation and slow maturation of the berries on the branches of the coffee trees. The berries only picked when they are fully ripe. All these factors and the careful processing give Café Sueños a soft taste with a touch of flowers and chocolate.

NEWS! During august 2016 we opened our Coffee Roaster “Risteriet Sueños” at our farm house on the Danish Island of Bornholm.

Sueños, Gamlevældevej 27, Østerlars, 3760 Gudhjem. Tlf.: Helle 2547 1657, Jakob 4198 4898. CVR 30686527. Mail: suenos@suenos.dk - fb @RisterietSuenos