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Facts about Café Sueños

Café Sueños is based on the principles of organic cultivation, of rewarding quality and of direct trade. Café Sueños is a single-estate and strictly high grown (SHG) coffee.

Country of origin : Nicaragua
Place of origin : Finca Seguir Soñando, Sontule, Miraflor, Condega municipality
Producer : Velásquez Acuña Family
Coffee variety : Típica, Borbón, Maragojipe and Caturrra
Growing site: West-facing slope 1150 meters over sea level (SHG)
Shade : Natural forest
Cultivation : Purely without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides
Processing : Washed (certified organic)
Harvest : December – January
Amount (2008) : 3 sacks, 2009: 7 sacks
Payment to producer : Direct and 20% above Fair Trade price for organically grown coffee
More information : www.risteriet.dk and www.suenos.dk

Sueños, Gamlevældevej 27, Østerlars, 3760 Gudhjem. Tlf.: Helle 2547 1657, Jakob 4198 4898. CVR 30686527. Mail: suenos@suenos.dk - fb @RisterietSuenos