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Finca Seguir Soñando – visit the coffee farm

Everything starts with a dream… The dream of Finca Seguir Soñando took shape in 2004. It was the dream of being able to contribute to ensuring a worthy economic basis that could make a hard life a little less difficult, of creating a peaceful place where the stillness is only broken by the swoosh of eagle wings, of drinking a homegrown cup of the coffee you saw bloom, grow and bear fruit. This dream inspired us in 2004 to buy the land that is now Finca Seguir Soñando.
Finca Sequir Soñando is today 3.5 hectares of land that is cultivated by Family Velásquez Acuña, and because they receive the full rewards from their production, they no longer need to take whatever work they can find as day labourers. They are also able to ensure their children an education – beyond the sixth grade.
Seguir Soñando means to keep dreaming. In 2005, the first bricks were laid to what would become Casa Seguir Soñando, and in 2006 – many bricks and bags of hand-mixed cement later – the house was finished. But we continue to dream…

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