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You can also share the dream

Everything starts with a dream… First, it was just our dream, but we would like to share the stillness, the coffee harvest, horseback rides through the mountains and the rich bird and plant life.
Casa Seguir Soñando lies 30 km northeast of the city of Estelí in northern Nicaragua, in the mountainous protected landscape of Miraflor.
Casa Seguir Soñando has four bedrooms (all with double beds), a large country-side kitchen with gas stove and oven and gas refrigerator, bath with sun-warmed water, an inner courtyard and a veranda. A sun panel provides enough electricity for lighting and for charging your camera, computer etc. Water for drinking and washing comes from a spring and is filtered.

Sueños, Gamlevældevej 27, Østerlars, 3760 Gudhjem. Tlf.: Helle 2547 1657, Jakob 4198 4898. CVR 30686527. Mail: suenos@suenos.dk - fb @RisterietSuenos